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In spite of significant editorial efforts, there are indeed some errors that have been identified.  The following is a current listing.  Please help us update the list if you find a new error.  Please send e-mail to

About the Author ….(
p.2, para 2, line 1 ….and 2008 of microprocessor products….
p.11, para 2, line 1 ….

p.15, line 10 $1100-$2800 addition to wafer cost….
p.16, Fig, 1.9 Vertical axis should be $M instead of $K
p.115, Fig. 5.13 please change legend to be Light Grey-2004, Black-2005, Dark Grey-2006

p.178, para 2, line 2 ….were discussed in Sec. 5.9….
p.206, Fig. 6.8 Horizontal axis labels should be ….8KU/mo, 80KU/mo, 800KU/mo….

p. 207, para 2, line3 ….the numbers required will be discussed in the next chapter in Table
p.318, Acronyms FAT Fab, Assembly and Test
p.320, Acronyms TK Turn Key

p.301, Appendix A.2 Replace Table A.1 with the following:




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