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For Education

The book was used as the major text at the University of Pennsylvania’s School of Engineering in their EMTM (Executive Master’s in Technology Management) program.  This executive masters program is led by Penn Engineering and is co-sponsored by the Wharton School of Management. Professor Jan van der Spiegel taught the course in the fall of 2008.  The program included a class project providing students experience in setting up a fabless IC company.

“The comprehensive nature of this book makes it an ideal reading for the class, and provides a context against which to teach. It brings together business and technology considerations in a well explained fashion. The book is a must-read for semiconductor design engineers, non-engineering personnel associated with the industry as well as aspiring entrepreneurs. Although the book focuses on starting a successful fabless company, many of the issues discussed apply to IDMs and fab-lite companies as well.”  

Professor Jan van der Spiegel

Dr. Kumar would like to encourage adoption of the book as a reference book or a text book for programs at additional institutions.  Towards this end he makes available resources to interested instructors.  Please e-mail requests ( to access a list of suggested assignments, examples, and the class project.  Example class projects completed at UPenn could also be made available through the courtesy of Professor Van der Spiegel.



Fabless Book

“Fabless Semiconductor Implementation”, authored by Dr. Rakesh Kumar was published in March 2008 by McGraw Hill Publications.

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