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"Glue-ware" Essential for Streamlined SOC Execution at Emerging Fabless I.C. Companies 

Emerging Fabless companies have "systems" ideas that need to be transformed into silicon. At these companies, early focus is on design related issues and the proof of concept. What is often overlooked is that ultimate success means getting to production on time and at cost, and this is dependent on how well the company has selected and managed key design and manufacturing suppliers and dealt with the many "gaps and traps" that can impede a successful launch. The need for an experienced Operations skills set to address this creates a dilemma for the company principals, addressed here.
December 2002

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Addressing the Operations Dilemma at Emerging Fabless Companies

This paper outlines the Operations issues that must be considered pro-actively in order to set the foundation for smooth execution of I.C. development and manufacturing. The Operations functions are organized into four phases spanning the planning, design, prototyping and production ramp phases. We provide a description of the tasks involved in each phase and some ideas on how to avoid many pitfalls that can hinder a successful production launch.

Published in FSA Forum, March 2003

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Operations Practices for Emerging Fabless Companies

Published in FSA Forum, December 2005
July 2005

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“The Business Side of Scaling”

Published in IEEE Solid-State Circuits Newsletter, Volume 12, Issue 1, Winter 2007 pp 22 – 26

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Fabless Book

“Fabless Semiconductor Implementation”, authored by Dr. Rakesh Kumar was published in March 2008 by McGraw Hill Publications.

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